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How to Apply


Things to consider

Waiting list

If there are no vacancies in the desired class, the student will be placed on a waiting list. With the parents' consent, we will carry the application forward to future years until a place becomes available. If you need to change your details at any time during this period, you can make changes and further enquiries at any time through your Parent Dashboard.

Priority groups

Our waiting list is divided into priority groups. Priority is given to: 

-Parents who are members of the School Association. Membership of the Association is open to people whether they have children enrolled at the School or not
-Christians who regularly attend a local church, affirm the School's Statement of Faith, and provide a reference from their minister
-Families who already have children enrolled at the school

Within this framework, places are allocated in order of receipt of application, so we encourage all parents to apply for enrolment as far ahead of the student's starting date as possible.

Overseas students

Overseas students must provide the School with an eligible visa to maintain enrolment.

The School is not registered to accept all student visas. Please enquire with the Registrar regarding your eligibility.

Age requirements

-Students may not commence Prep until they have turned 3 years old. All Prep students must be fully immunised or on a recognised catch up schedule.

-Students enrolling in Kindergarten must turn 5 by 30 April in the year they start school.

-Students enrolling in Year 1 must turn 6 by 30 April.

-There is no minimum age requirement for other classes.

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