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Achieving the right balance for our students

We want our students to be resilient, connected and positive, setting them on a path to bring their good God glory.

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Our Learning


Our little ones are nurtured in play-based learning throughout their time at Prep.

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Primary School

We believe that Kindergarten to Year 6 is an important time for foundation building, both spiritually and academically.

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Secondary School

We embrace the opportunity to partner with you in educating your child to enable them to serve and glorify God in the world and to be a lifelong learner.

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We appreciate that learning does not stop at the classroom door and that the development of the whole child encompasses every activity at school.

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Come and see for yourself just what sets Calderwood Christian School apart

We’re a growing school for a new and growing community.

We run regular tours and open days for parents and students to have a taste of life at Calderwood. We’d love to welcome you to one of them soon!

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